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Dear Lothar,
Here are a few of the top stories on Rebel News from the past week:
A few weeks ago, YouTube fired its first shot at Rebel News. As Ezra Levant said at the time: 
YouTube has finally come to kill Rebel News. (But I’ve got a plan to survive).
Well, just as Ezra predicted, YouTube is continuing to come after us. This time, they’ve suspended the Rebel News YouTube page and given us a “strike.
Fifty police tried to raid the Airbnb houseboat hotel where Rebel News reporters last staying this weekend in Montreal.
It was so shocking that bystanders actually asked us if we were recording a Hollywood movie. Because otherwise it just made no sense.
We recently paid a visit to the west end Toronto home of fitness fanatic and freedom fighter Vince Del Monte.
Speaking from his exceptional home gym (where anti-lockdown advocate Chris Sky just happened to be pumping iron), Del Monte made an impassioned plea for the authorities to let Hogtown’s gyms and sporting clubs reopen.
A massive Sunday protest at the site of GraceLife Church resulted in outside agitators pulling down the fence that currently walls off the property, before other protesters put it back up.Rebel News was on location at the Whistle Stop Café in Mirror, Alberta this past Saturday, where owner Chris Scott has refused to shut down, despite new provincial lockdown measures. Chris has become, in the eyes of many, the unofficial leader of Alberta’s restaurant revolution, as many businesses are following his lead in refusing to heed Alberta Health Services‘ directives.Yours truly, Rebel NewsP.S. YouTube has given us a „Community Guidelines Strike“ and removed our ability to post and go live on any of our channels. After removing several of our videos, they will likely remove us permanently.Please consider donating through our new partnership with The Democracy Fund, which comes with a tax-deductible receipt, and don’t forget to subscribe to our new channels to help us ditch YouTube!

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You know what? I think we’re going to be OK.

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