United States European Command

Kann es sein, daß wenn S.H.A.E.F. nicht mehr zuständig ist, USECOM im Falle eines Falles aktiv wird?

United States European Command

Photo of General Wolters
General Tod D. Wolters Commander

Our Vision

USEUCOM is a combat-ready, warfighting theater that is postured, relevant, and ready. We are united with our Allies and partners, prepared to execute the full range of combined and Joint military operations, and capable of delivering decisive battlespace effects, at speed, and in all domains.

Our Mission

USEUCOM executes a full range of multi-domain operations in coordination with Allies and partners to support NATO, deter Russia, assist in the defense of Israel, enable global operations, and counter trans-national threats in order to defend the Homeland forward and fortify Euro-Atlantic security. Should deterrence fail, USEUCOM is prepared to fight alongside Allies and partners to prevail in any conflict.

European Command Portals


  • Audience: All EUCOM users and DoD CAC holders
  • FOUO data
  • Replaces: http://portal.cie.eucom.mil
  • Accessible internal to and external to the EUCOM domain via CAC card
  • Command Account also gives access to Partners Portal


  • Audience: All EUCOM users, DoD CAC holders, and approved outside partners
  • NGO and Other partners collaboration
  • Replaces: https://GlobalAction.net
  • Accessible internal to and external to the EUCOM domain with both CAC and Username/password

External Links

  • CAC Restricted Links 9
  • Other Portal Links 4

Notice: You are accessing a U.S. Government owned system. Anyone knowingly and intentionally accessing this system without authorization or exceeding their authorized access limitations shall be subject to criminal prosecution as provided for by Title 10 U.S. Code Section 1030.


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