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Attention Mike Lindell: What You May Want To Know About The 'Data' Used In Your Stolen Election Claims

Mike Lindell will am 10. 08. 2021 Hieb und stichfeste Beweise für den Wahlbetrug in den USA vorlegen! Ich hoffe, er ist dann noch bei guter Gesundheit!

Attention Mike Lindell: What You May Want To Know About The ‚Data‘ Used In Your Stolen Election Claims

by: Maarten SchenkSummary: Mike Lindell’s video series allegedly proving fraud in the November 2020 elections relies heavily on digital evidence in the form of files and animations that Lindell claims show attacks on the U.S. election infrastructure coming from China and other places. Lindell has never acknowledged where these files and animations came from. Lead Stories traced them back to a website apparently run by Dennis L. Montgomery, a man with a long history of being closely connected to cases involving fraudulently manufactured evidence. We are making these files available in this article so anyone can examine them for themselves.Mike Lindell has promised on the air to go over this article line by line. We sincerely hope you do, Mike, and we are especially interested in your reaction to the questions at the very end. We are concerned you may have been taken for a ride by people who just want to take advantage of your passion for election security in order to use you for their own gain.The January 9, 2021 EvidenceIn the wake of the November 4, 2020, presidential election results showing a Joe Biden win over Donald Trump, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has been trying to convince the public the election was stolen through fraudulent means. He has promoted a variety of theories on how this was accomplished (and who did it) and presented those theories in three online videos he co-produced (click the titles to read what we wrote about „Absolute Proof,“ „Scientific Proof“ and „Absolute Interference“). Claims that Dominion voting machines were somehow involved led to Dominion filing a $1.3 billion lawsuit against Lindell and his company MyPillow Inc. Lindell responded with a $1.6 billon lawsuit of his own against Dominion.During an interview on the „Jimmy Kimmel Live!“ show on April 28, 2021, Lindell repeatedly said he only got the most important evidence on January 9:


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