Sporty plumber, 26, DIES 12 days after getting the Pfizer Covidvaccine

Von Levi Parsons For Daily Mail Australia • 1. Dezember 2021

Health officials are investigating the death of a 26-year-old man in New Zealand
Rory James Nairn died 12 days after receiving his first Pfizer Covid vaccination 
His distraught fiancée says the public need to be made more away for the risks
A fit and active 26-year-old man has mysterious died with fears he may have suffered
fatal side effects 12 days after receiving Pfizer’s Covid vaccine.
Rory James Nairn, 26, had heart palpitations for several days before collapsing to the
floor of his Dunedin home in New Zealand on November 17.
His distraught fiancée Ashleigh Wilson is desperately searching for answers after the
‚traumatic‘ ordeal and says not knowing what happened is ‚frustrating‘.

Quelle: T.R.

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